Roseville Trucking Business Moves to Monmouth

A local trucking company will haul its business to a new location, in order to work with a new business that recently came to town.

Parkins Trucking will be packing its company up at its current location in Roseville, to move to Monmouth, where it will set up shop near the Cloverleaf Cold Storage Facility that was recently established.

The re-location is the first big move by any company in partnership with Cloverleaf. The Parkins move will also align their company directly across the street from Farmland Foods, a business that Parkins has worked with in the past. A truck repair center, and truck wash are expected to be installed sometime following the move as well.

The location near Cloverleaf Dr. will not only make transportation and communication easier, but it will be an expansion in space. Parkin’s Roseville location reportedly spans 60 by 90 ft, whereas Monmouth’s spot will now boast a 150 by 80 square foot space. The move is expected to take place sometime next week.

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