School Board Elections Could Have Impact Tomorrow

Every Vote CountsElection Day is less than 24 hours away, as voters go to the polls tomorrow.

Six candidates running for contested races on the District 205 School Board could draw voters who want to see changes made.

That’s according to Knox County Clerk Scott Erickson who recently commented on election turnout. He says it’s disappointing when only eight or nine percent of registered voters turn up to cast their vote during consolidated elections.

Seats on the 205 Board could raise those percentage rates tomorrow.

Early voting totals have already significantly passed totals collected in 2011. Galesburg Election officials announced as of Friday, that 477 votes were cast surpassing the 313 mark from four years ago.

Candidates have certainly been campaigning behind fixing district issues. District insolvency, common core practices, and dealing with a post-strike contract have all been discussed. 

Galesburg Township candidate Maury Lyon says whoever is on the board will have to work together to deal with the issues as a singular unit.

“It’s real important that we take these jobs seriously,” says Lyon. “We sit as seven people–helping manage a $45 million dollar budget with over 1,000 employees, we’re the third largest employer in the area. We need to manage it well, we need to work with the administrative staff well. We make sure that they understand that we’re not here to rubber stamp their opinions.”

The district 202, and ROWVA School Boards will both have contested races as well. Polls open tomorrow in Galesburg at 6 a.m.

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