Knox County Jail Implements “Computer Visitations” for Inmates

knoxcountyjailInmates at the Knox County Jail are now being offered an additional type of visitation. Knox County Sheriff David Clague says a new video visitation system was recently implemented, allowing those incarcerated to speak with their families and friends via the computer.

Clague says the project took both a great deal of time and effort to install, but now that it is in, it will allow inmates another way of communication.

Clague tells the WGIL Morning News, that one of the reasons the department added the system, was due to long wait times for in-person visits at the jail.

“One of the concerns that most of us have is during visitation type days,” says Clague. “There may be 100 to 150 people lined up who become very upset, rightfully so, and after 2 hours they’re not going to be able to see their friend, loved one, whatever it may be, along with minor forms of vandalism while they’re standing around.”

Both on-site and home video chat will reportedly be done through the technology. Clague says the department first discovered the product at a national sheriff’s conference,and from there it became a reality.

The Sheriff says he expects the system to “benefit everyone.”

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