Student song embodies a message of positive change

ghs northGalesburg High School North Student Jon Reed is honoring educators who have made a difference in his life.

The high school Senior is the writer of a song called “The GHS North Anthem,”  which was written to document the change that has taken place in the life of the young man headed down the wrong path.

Reed says he came to GHS North midway through his Sophomore year after spending time in the Mary Davis Home. When he entered, he held a D average. That same student is now set to graduate this Winter with A’s.

When asked what his inspiration for the tune was, Reed told WGIL, that it’s about honoring those who gave him a chance.

“I was doing a lot of things I shouldn’t have,” Reed says. “When I came North, all of that stuff, I wasn’t judged by that. I had a fresh start and that was kind of what my idea was. With the song, it was pretty much just putting as much emotion into it as I could.”

On Tuesday, Reed presented the song to the District 205 School Board and received a standing ovation. His principal, Jason Spring says Reed is a “fighter,” with “a lot of talent and a bright future.”

Spring says success stories like Reed’s are really a testament to his staff.

“My staff is absolutely amazing, and I get a little choked up when I think about them and the work they do everyday.”

GHS North is a credit recovery school with an enrollment of 90. Spring says the 7-year-old school now makes up about 15 percent of the GHS graduation rate.


A link to Reed’s video can be found here:

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