Three dogs rescued from abandoned Galesburg residence

Three canines are in the care of the Knox County Humane Society after being rescued Saturday by personnel from Galesburg’s fire and police departments.

According to a report, officers, firefighters, and Knox County Animal Control were dispatched to the 100-block of North Henderson Street for a report of a dog on the roof of a residence.

The dog, a pitbull, was described as “extremely emaciated and sickly-looking.” The animal appeared to be under stress  — trapped and looking for a way off of the third story roof of the home.

Fire personnel entered the home, followed by officers were, “upon entering the residence, I noted the overwhelming odor of fecal matter and uncomfortably warm temperatures inside,” noted in an officers’ report.

The home appeared to be vacated and was described as “filthy” with trash and debris strewn about.

Two dogs were found on the main floors and a third was found trapped in the attic, where it had access to a window — leading to the roof.

An officer described the attic’s temperatures as “sweltering hot” “unbearable and not suitable for sustaining life.” No food and water was left for the animals.

Neighbors told officers that the residents of the home had moved out weeks before.

Arrests warrants are being sought on charges of cruelty to animals and unlawful violation of animal owner’s duties.

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