Electronics stolen in Galesburg Target burglary

Thousands of dollars worth of Apple products were stolen from the Galesburg Target store on Thursday.

Officers were called out to the Carl Sandburg Drive retailer in the evening around 5:06 for the burglary that had just occurred.

Video surveillance showed two black males — one appearing to be in his 20s while the other was in his 40s — to enter the store and head to the electronics department.

The older male allegedly used a crowbar to break a glass case while the younger man pulled out a garbage bag and began stuffing items inside.

According to the police report, An employee approached them but they ignored him.

After they finished grabbing items, they put the bag into a shopping cart and “casually” pushed it to the front of the store and past the point of sale.

Once outside, “they were running as if they were having fun and the older male stepped on the back of the cart and rode it,” the report says.

A bystander allegedly told an employee that a white female was behind the wheel of the getaway vehicle.

Items included several Apple iPads, Smart Watches, Air Pods, Apple Pencils, keyboards, and outlet adaptors. The report says the value of all the products stolen was $8,672.17.

The investigation continues.

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