Knoxville City Council recap: City to purchase police vehicle; interest in farmers market

The Knoxville City Council met Monday in Council Chambers at Knoxville City Hall.

City clerk and one alderman were absent; the minutes of the January 15, 2024. City Council Meeting were approved.

Old business:

  • Demolition of 209 N. Hebard St..:  The City Council voted to approve the project for $23,800 subject to the mortgage holder’s option to do the demolition themselves.

New business:

  • Farmer’s Market Request: A presentation was made by the promoter to have a Farmers’ Market in Knoxville’s Central Park on Wednesdays between 3 and 7 p.m., from May 22 through September 25, 2024. The Council approved the request with the understanding that there may have to be some adjustments made depending on circumstances.
  • Purchase of Police Department Vehicle: The Council approved the purchase of a Police Vehicle at the cost of $41,917 minus a trade-in allowance of $6,000 for a total of $35,917.
  • Hiring Part Time Police Officer: Tabled because the officer under consideration has withdrawn.
  • Change Water Billing Cycle: The City’s Billing Cycle for Water, Sewer and Sanitation was changed from two cycles per month to one cycle each month beginning May 1, 2024. Those households that were previously billed on the second cycle, around the 20th day of the month, will be allowed 40 days to pay the fee for the first month only. Thereafter, all households will be required to pay their fees within twenty days of the billing date, as usual.
  • After Hours Water Meter Replacement Rate: This subject was brought to the attention of the Council because of a situation that occurred where a City Worker was called out, after hours, to bring a replacement water meter to a location and the cost of the meter was paid but not the cost of the Worker’s time and labor. The Council Members should consider what the labor charge should be. It was tabled until the next meeting.
  • Residential Dumpster Rate Allowance: Last year the Council approved a 50% reduction in Dumpster rates for the months of April and October to make up for the elimination of the Spring and Fall Clean-Up Weeks. The reduction proved so successful that the City Council approved the 50% rate reduction for April and October to be made permanent.
  • Resolution 2024-01 – Temporary Road Closure for St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 16, 2024: Approved.

Mayor’s Report:

  • CUSD 202, the Knoxville School District, is experiencing some needs: Roofs need repair/replacement, furniture is old, worn and in need of replacement. In addition there is a potential need for solar power to reduce costs.
  • The Old Courthouse needs roof repair.
  • The Council should look into ways to support these needs; IF and the Community Fund could be resources. Lead (Water) Line Replacement project and funding has been approved by the IEPA.

Committee Reports:

  • The Sewage Treatment Plant has submitted a plan including project expenses for the next four years.
  • The Water Department submitted a plan for the lining of sewers on two Streets this year.
  • Both plans will be submitted to the City Clerk for inclusion in the “Informational Items” for the next meeting’s Agenda.


Submitted by: Charlie Gruner