Early Voting Totals Exceed 2011 Figures

Every Vote CountsThe numbers are in, and results are showing that citizens in Galesburg have surpassed early voting numbers from 2011.

Officials at the Galesburg Election Office are continuing to compile numbers from today’s turnout, however more than 347 residents have cast their ballots–exceeding the 313 mark from four years ago.

That’s according to Executive Director Lisa Watson, who says the turnout is the highest recorded number kept by the office.

Watson says more than 95 outstanding applications have come in as well. She tells WGIL that a number of those requests are in relation to the city’s travel board.

“The Department of Public Health actually licenses nursing homes, and those that are licensed under the department of public health–they are entitled to have two election judges come to their facilities and actually assist them with voting if they would like that,”says Watson.

Watson says the travel board will receive votes from care facilities this Friday and Saturday. The remainder are vote by mail requests.

Early voting remains open until Saturday. Voters do not need a reason to vote early, and can still register and vote at the same time. Two forms of identification, one with a current address is required to register.

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