Dist. 205 hires food service consultant for buildings renovation

There may be changes coming to the quality and delivery of food to students at District 205.

In addition to a new contract to the food service union that the board approved Monday night, members also approved hiring Clevenger Associates as a Food Service Consultant during the renovation work that is going on throughout the district.

Assistant Superintendent Jennifer Hamm says that after touring a new facility in North Scott, Iowa, the administration recognized that the district was lacking efficiencies and quality that could be improved on by partnering with Clevenger.

Superintendent Dr. John Asplund says that many of the changes that needed to take place were in line with many of the changes that the food service workers wanted to see.

“When we negotiated with the food service workers, a lot of the changes we’re talking about, they wanted to see us do,” Asplund told board members. “So this isn’t like we’re going against the grain, these were things that were coming up in conversations when we negotiated the contract. So, this is an exciting opportunity to do something that seems the consensus of people wants to do.”

As part of the approved proposal, Clevenger will design satellite kitchen’s at Lombard, King, and Steele and a central production kitchen at the High School.

Additionally, the current method for producing meals will be changing. Instead of the centralized kitchen being responsible for the cooking of entrees for all schools, the satellite kitchens will cover that work and the central kitchen will prepare the sides.

The school board also was given information on some improvements that administrators were making towards curriculum changes. A presentation was given that explained the district’s new public speaking and writing rubric that covered all grade levels.

Additionally, Tiffany Springer, Director for Curriculum & Instruction, told board members that she will be working towards rolling out the model for instructional coaches in the district.

The board took action on replacing Chromebooks, approving the purchase of 359 new computers for students at a cost of over $103,614.58.

To help teachers, board members also approved the purchase of 33 Dell laptops for teachers to replace aging desktop units at a cost of nearly $39,448.53.

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